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     Our mission is to provide exceptional patient care which goes beyond our excellent clinical skills. We believe in treating the person behind the patient as the confidence and trust you place in us defines our success and professional enjoyment. We achieve patient trust by offering the latest dental technology for optimal patient comfort and caring staff who you can rely on to answer all your questions.

      My staff and I will orient you to all areas of the practice and will provide you with a packet of information that you can take home. I will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to best assess your oral health goals. I will develop a complete treatment plan, which will include services I recommend be performed by our hygienist and I will discuss the diagnosis with you in detail. We understand that there is a significant amount of information shared with you on your first visit, therefore, we provide you with a copy of your personalized treatment plan to review after you leave the practice. Our scheduling coordinator will then work on your schedule to find a time for your next appointment and go over your dental benefit plan and our comfortable financial options. Although we are diligent about answering all of your questions while you are in our office, we encourage you to contact us at any time following your appointment.


The first office visit will take at least one hour in length.
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